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Since 2012, I have been striving to meet all the challenges of clients unique and diverse needs associated with creating a custom scale replica.  Along the way, I have implemented ways to introduce custom decals and techniques, which allow me limitless opportunities to go above and beyond the realm of mass produced commercially available replicas.  My ultimate goal, and philosophy is simple....To get it right.  I dedicate countless hours of hard work in creating the ultimate model for each and every client to ensure that when they open the box on their end,  what was once a vision in their mind is now clearly depicted in scale before them. As a full time  design engineer in Lockheed Martin's model shop,  I have done modeling work  that has been used in foreign and domestic trade shows, and have had the  pleasure of building many replicas for military aviators and maintainers.  As a veteran myself, I spent seven years in the military fighter community as an aviation ordnanceman, working on F-14A/B/D's and F/A-18E's.  I have an immense passion for aircraft that is equaled only by my passion for model building in all sense of the word, which is what I believe drives my passion to get the painstaking  details down to the exacts.  Nothing ships until it's been meticulously  overlooked and I am satisfied that I have given you, the client, every bit of effort that I can to make sure that your project is exactly as you requested.  Whether it's a full blown aircraft/ car / ship build, a set of figures to display in your own model, or a replica of Frankenstein, you can expect the finest quality of work to arrive to you in a timely fashion. 

Fox Thre3 Custom Models


Founded: 2012

Artist: Nick Williamson



About Me

Custom built scale models, detailed to your exact specifications to include customized names, tail numbers, and markings provide you with a one of a kind replica that is unlike anything that mass produced replicas can offer.  


At Fox Thre3 Custom Models,  I take great pride in being able to take your vision, and  bring it to life through the use of scale modeling.  Whether you're a former or current aircraft maintainer, car and sport bike enthusiast, avid horror addict or die hard aviation enthusiast, you're in the right place.  

Your custom piece is just a click away!