Custom Scale Models, Displays, and Services

MODELS AND SUPPLIES  -  This a fantastic company out of Nashua, NH and the source of where I do about 95% of my online purchasing for modeling kits, paints, and supplies.  They have a vast variety that ranges from aircraft, to ships, armor, and even sci-fi.  Their paint and tools selection is the best one I've been able to find yet.  Great prices, great shipping costs, and excellent customer service.  -  Another great site for supplies.  Specializing in a tons of aftermarket items that can't often be found elsewhere, they have an impressive inventory of items as well. - Another good source for kits and supplies at a reasonable price. -  An excellent online store for all things airbrush, and compressor related, to include specialty paints, and virtually every brand of airbrush available on the market today.  Great prices, extremely good customer service, and shipping rates. -  Some of the best aftermarket decals available.  Their attention to detail, access to the real aircraft profiles, and quick availability of releasing the latest and greatest fighter schemes are only second to the absolute superior quality of the decals themselves.  Top notch product at it's finest.  - UMM-USA is an on-line Store, importing and exporting kits, modeling tools and supplies, and seeks and offers solutions on technical issues.
In addition, his services currently include design and production of master parts, casting of original masters, photo-etched masks, decals, and building made-to-order models for customers. 

REFERENCE MATERIAL -  Reid Air Publications was born in 2005 to address a lack of updated books that detail modern military aviation. There are thousands of books that cover the F-15, A-10, F-4, F-16, etc, but most of them are at least ten to twenty years old and rather obsolete. Furthermore, they use dated technology and rely on black and white printing, among other limitations of their time. We thought it was time for some updated titles, using digital photography and modern color printing techniques. Our titles delve into the very last nook and cranny of the machine and the operations, making Reid Air Publications an industry leader, and the mark from which to measure all competitors.

Speed Hunter Graphics was added to the Reid Air Publications line in October 2013. We are here to provide the highest quality, most realistic, well-researched, and easy to apply decals currently available anywhere on the market. Although only recently branched off from Reid Air Publications, you can be sure that we'll be growing very rapidly, offering a wide variety of markings choices for your little scale work of art.  - Between 1978 and 2004, Detail & Scale produced 114 publications about military aircraft.  The best known of these titles were the sixty-nine volumes in the Detail & Scale Series.  Known for their extensive detailed looks at the cockpits, radars, avionics, armament, powerplants, landing gear, and other features of each aircraft, these books were highly sought after and extremely popular with enthusiasts and model builders alike. 

ONLINE RESOURCES  -  A vast online modeling community that has something for everyone, how-to's, articles, product reviews, aircraft walk arounds, and a gallery to view other members completed work. -  An excellent online resource that has a wonderful selection of model kit reviews, a very nice features section, color reference charts, and an up to date release of up coming model kits that are coming down the pipeline.  Very good website!!!  -  A vast selection of user submitted aircraft walk arounds to help with reference pictures.  -  An online magaaine that offers tons of great articles, user submitted how-to's, product reviews, and one of the best scale modeling magazines on the market.  

DIGITAL AVIATION ART  -  Pete does absolute fantastic work in restoring older aviation images into masterpieces.  Also able to create concept work from scratch.  A true artist in what he does, his work stands alone.  -  An ecellent "print on demand" company that provides aircraft proftile prints for virtually any aircraft subject available.  Fantastic artistry, and museum quality.