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If I were to sum Nick up in three words it would be: Professional, Dedicated,  Honest.  I commissioned Nick for three very different projects and he excelled in each of them.   He showed that he was not only a master model builder but was a master communicator and kept me well informed on the progress of all three projects so that I not only had the big picture but it eliminated any chance of disappointment on final delivery.   On my most recent project, Nick built me two F4U Corsair aircrafts.  He took two cheap $14 kits, treated them like they were $100 kits,  and literally turned them into museum quality pieces.  Nick provided the same professional care and attention to detail to the packaging and shipping of them so that when I received them they were 100% intact and undamaged.  So if you have a project build that you would be proud to display than Nick is that person to do it.  He is also very versatile in other painting and graphic areas so even if it is not an aircraft model, just run it by Nick and he will be glad to see if he can assist you.  His talents, dedication, honesty, and customer service were all exceptional and I would highly recommend that you give him a try because you will not be disappointed.

Barry S. - San Diego, CA

I first made contact with Nick in 2013 via one of his ebay listings purchasing a 1/48 A-10 Warthog from him. I was so impressed with the quality and detail of his work as well his customer service that I asked him to build a 1/48 P-51B Mustang for me. I'm so glad I did!! I was extremely satisfied with the whole commission process from beginning to end. He was extremely responsive to my requests, providing kit and aftermarket part recommendations for me to consider. Throughout the build he kept in constant communication with me to make sure I was good with the work in progress. As a military aviation enthusiast, history buff and ex-enlisted Airman, scale model war planes have always held an interest to me. However, being a less than skillful modeler, I was in constant search of a talented model builder that I could trust not only to give me value for my money in terms of a quality and detailed custom build but would be great to deal with. Nick has more than met my expectations! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seriously interested in acquiring beautifully built custom models of any subject! I plan on being one of his customers for as long as he continues to build!

Al L.  -  El Paso, TX

My experience with Fox Thre3 Custom Models was absolutely superb from beginning to end. Wanting a model of the jet that had my name on it as a Plane Captain, I commissioned Fox Thre3 Custom Models to build it after seeing his quality work. He was very good at listening to what I wanted and was outstanding with keeping my updated on the progress on the build. When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the great care he put into packaging the model to ensure the safety of the model. The model looks just like my jet did the last day I saw her. His attention to detail is unmatched. I would highly recommend going with Fox Thre3 Custom Models to build what you want. I will not hesitate to go through him to build any future models that I want.

Robert Z.  -  Ridgecrest, CA

I am the Lead in the Lockheed Martin model shop.  I contracted with Nick last year (2014) to build a couple of the Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-35 kits for our Marketing department.  These kits are, to put it kindly, a bit challenging. But Nick did a fine job on them and our Marketing department was very pleased with them. At least in our case, the key to a very nice build was his attention to the small details, and (I can’t emphasize this enough) his communication.  He left nothing to chance and let me know of every issue or question as soon as it came up.  His pricing was reasonable and he delivered the finished product right when he said he would.  I’ve been watching his builds since he delivered those F-35s, and he has only gotten better. He did a great job for us and we’ll be using him again for future orders.​

Jeff G.  - Lockheed Martin Models and Exhibits Department  -  Fort Worth, TX

I Commissioned Nick to build a 1/32nd F-15C for me. I am a huge aviation enthusiast and Air Force veteran, so I am very particular about how I wanted my kit to look, and expect the highest quality. I made contact with Nick, discussed what I wanted. Once Nick got started, he posted photo's showing the progress of the build on Fox Thre3 Custom FB page. I was amazed at the transformation from a bunch of plastic parts into a customized work of art. I highly recommend Fox Thre3 and I have become a repeat customer with another kit to built in the near future

John R.  -  Colleyville, TX

"I was first introduced to Nick's work on a web page dedicated to those of us who have worked on or work with the F-15 Eagle. I was immediately impressed. Simply put, I had to have one! I've built models before and have done enough of them to appreciate the level of talent that is effortlessly displayed. I contacted Nick and we came up with a plan. I was excited from the beginning and, nearly a year later, I still pause to admire my F-15, which is displayed proudly in my living room! The level of detail brings back the memories of working the Eagles when I was active duty. The works of art he creates compliment any display and are a dedication to our veterans. Thanks for all that you do for those of us lucky enough to have one of these models in our homes!"

William D.  -  South Bend, IN

Met Nick through a post of his outstanding work on Facebook when another user decided to like his post and see how the model he was working on turned out. Nick totally blew me away with his attention to detail and the way he seems to make the aircraft come to life. I contacted him to commission a A-6 Intruder. From day 1 of the project we were in contact, from model being ordered to model being shipped with outstanding communications and updates and pictures of his progress. I am truly grateful and happy that I came across FoxThre3Customs

Nate S.  -  San Diego, CA

A gifted master where his passion lies. Creating works of art to bring back memories of a long ago past.  Working with Nick has been an absolute pleasure.  He has a passion for what he creates like no one else.  Each project build becomes part of him as he takes pride in what he creates, and puts his soul in it.  With each project build, it will be unique in it's own way.  From the custom decals to the custom paint.  His ability to bring the build to life is breath taking.  

He is very easy to work with, an absolute joy and pleasant experience.  He is up front on whether something is possible or not.  He hides nothing.  He asks several questions up front for the build and answered every question I had for him on my project builds.  Shipping is a breeze, and the project build is very well packaged.  He will get my business again in future builds.  

Nate C.  -  Shepherd, TX

Commissioned Nick to build a F/A-18 with a custom load-out and markings. From beginning to end, he kept me posted on the progress of the build and made suggestions that improved the finished product. The model Nick built for me is an exact replica, down to the Bureau Number, of the airplane I flew on a combat mission during OIF. The quality of Nick’s work far exceeds any mahogany model from the PI or factory display model.

Robert G  -  Leonardtown, MD

"I commissioned Fox Thre3 Custom Models to build a 1/48 scale Tomcat from my days in Fighter Squadron 114 in the early 80s. Nick was able to acquire perfect decals for the Era and he did an over the top job of not only building a beautiful aircraft but bringing back so many memories of my past days in the Navy. The entire experience working with Nick was a joy, with his true passion for what he does and his real desire to make his customers very happy with the final product! High quality final product and enjoyed watching his work via social media! "

Tony S.  - Beaver Creek, OH